Huntsville Wrongful Death Lawyer

We trust others to act safely around our loved ones. We trust companies to employ safe procedures and safe workers. We trust drivers to follow the Rules of the Road. We trust manufacturers to make products without dangerous defects. When others ignore the rules, the results can be devastating.

In personal injury cases, the Blackwell Law Firm works hard to recover the maximum compensation for our injured clients. Personal injury damages may include many losses such as medical expenses, pain and lost income.

Wrongful death cases are very different. Nothing is more difficult for a family than the death of a loved one. No amount of money can make up for the loss. When a death occurs, families don’t just struggle financially. They also struggle with grief and loss. Alabama wrongful death law is unique and complicated. During a time of grief and loss, your family does not need the added anxiety or confusion caused by inexperienced legal counsel. Your Huntsville wrongful death lawyer must be experienced in several areas. If you need a tenacious personal injury attorney for a potential wrongful death claim, call us today.

Does the Attorney Understand Alabama Wrongful Death Law?

Alabama wrongful death law is different. You cannot recover compensatory damages for the death of a loved one. In Alabama, families can only recover punitive damages for a wrongful death. Alabama’s Supreme Court has stated the purpose of wrongful death damages in our state is not to compensate the family for financial losses. Instead, wrongful death damages are intended to preserve human life, punish wrongful conduct and discourage others from doing similar wrongful acts in the future. The focus of damages is not the loss suffered by the family. Instead, the focus is on the wrongful conduct causing the death.

This unique area of law can be complicated. An attorney must understand the nature of Alabama wrongful death cases in order to prepare the best claim for your family. Many attorneys do not understand wrongful death damages in Huntsville. Your attorney must possess knowledge and experience handling these negligent death claims.

Does the Attorney Possess Real Trial Experience?

Like other cases, trial experience and preparation make a big difference. The goal at the Blackwell Law Firm is to obtain the maximum amount possible for you and your family. Hard work and preparation are essential to obtaining good results for clients. The best results also require an attorney able and willing to go to trial if necessary. Yet, many attorneys are not willing to do the hard work or go to trial. We are.

Because wrongful death claims differ from other cases, experience and preparation are even more important. At the Blackwell Law Firm, our skilled lawyers in Huntsville focus on preparing each wrongful death claim. Preparation makes cases better for settlement or trial. While most cases resolve, we are prepared and ready for trial when needed.

Call a Huntsville Attorney to Discuss a Wrongful Death Claim

Some lawyers seek wrongful death cases but do not understand the procedures necessary to present a claim or protect the remaining family members in the event of a recovery. Does your attorney know the rules concerning who can handle a wrongful death claim among grieving relatives? Does your attorney know the rules related to distributing proceeds recovered among heirs? Does your attorney understand that recovered damages are protected from creditors of the deceased? A skilled attorney understands the procedures necessary to protect families in these cases. And, a dedicated attorney also takes the extra steps needed to do so.

If you wish to discuss a possible wrongful death claim concerning a loved one, give us a call. Consultations are always free and confidential. We are happy to answer questions or provide advice.