Huntsville Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

Many Huntsville residents commonly walk to work or other places for various reasons. Walking is not only great for you and the environment, but it also saves gas money and other costs. Huntsville is a great place for pedestrians and cyclists. Our City has worked to develop plans that promote walking, cycling and other outdoor activities. But, the increase in pedestrians across northern Alabama has brought more vehicle-related accidents.

When a car strikes a person, the outcome can often be catastrophic. When you suffer severe injuries because of the thoughtless actions of a motorist, you might have legal cause to file a claim for damages. Call today to schedule a consultation with a Huntsville Pedestrian accident lawyer at the Blackwell Law Firm to review your case.

Why Do Pedestrian Accidents Occur?

While the rise in pedestrian and vehicle traffic in Huntsville plays a role in the increase in on-foot collisions, they are usually entirely avoidable. Some of the most common reasons for pedestrian accidents include the following:

Distracted Drivers

One primary cause of pedestrian accidents leading to life-threatening and fatal injuries is the increased number of distracted drivers. There are countless gadgets and electronics to distract motorists. A driver taking their eyes off the road for a few seconds can have devastating effects. Our lawyers have seen the tragic results caused by distracted driving. Because of this, we’ve also committed ourselves outside the courtroom to teaching and advocating for safer roadways. You can read many of our blog posts about distracted driving issues on this website.

Left-Hand Turns

Cars making left-hand turns are another primary cause of collisions leading to pedestrian injuries. Drivers may focus on watching vehicles coming from the other direction and forget to check for people crossing the street before turning.

Driving While Under the Influence

Motorists under the influence of intoxicating substances are far more likely to miss seeing a pedestrian in the crosswalk. Drugs and alcohol also impair reaction time. Even when they notice the walker or jogger, impaired drivers often fail to stop. A local attorney could review the evidence to determine who caused the pedestrian collision and work to hold these drivers liable.

Alabama Law Enforcement Agency Safety Measures for Drivers and Pedestrians

The Alabama Law Enforcement Agency recently launched the “Everyone is a Pedestrian Safety Campaign” in response to the alarming rise in pedestrian and vehicle-related accidents. With many cities such as Huntsville, Birmingham and Tuscaloosa developing more pedestrian-friendly areas, safety advocacy is very important.

Safety Tips for Motorists

Safety measures drivers must take to avoid accidents with pedestrians include the following:

  • Remain vigilant and look for pedestrians everywhere they travel
  • Never operate a vehicle while under the influence
  • Yield to pedestrians in crosswalks
  • Adhere to posted speed limits and other traffic safety laws

Safety Tips for Pedestrians

Some of the crucial safety measures pedestrians must take to avoid injuries from accidents with motor vehicles include the following:

  • Use paths and sidewalks when available
  • Walk on the shoulder facing oncoming traffic when there is no other option
  • Remain cautious and vigilant of vehicles at all times
  • Use crosswalks, follow pedestrian safety laws, and wear bright colors

The campaign seeks to make the public aware of the danger of pedestrian incidents by providing motorists and pedestrians with tips to keep themselves and others safe while traveling by foot or car.

Pedestrians Crossing Without Crosswalks

While motorists must yield the right-of-way to pedestrians as they cross the road, laws differ when crossing devices or crosswalks are absent. Under the Alabama Code § 32-5A-212, every pedestrian that crosses the road without a crosswalk must yield the right-of-way to all oncoming vehicles.

Those traveling on foot must use the crosswalks when available and avoid crossing diagonally without official traffic-control device authorization. Pedestrian injury cases can be very difficult due to Alabama law. If you or a loved one suffered a serious injury, it is essential you seek experienced and skilled legal counsel. A knowledgeable lawyer in Huntsville could answer questions about regulations and safety measures to prevent pedestrian collisions during a consultation.

Call a Hardworking Pedestrian Accident Attorney in Huntsville

When vehicles strike pedestrians, they have no protection from the forceful impact. This is why so many pedestrian accidents are fatal. Even when not fatal, these accidents can leave you or your loved one with painful injuries that require long-term medical care and result in permanent disability or impairment.

When someone’s careless actions cause you injuries, you have every right to expect the at-fault party to cover your damages. Contact a compassionate Huntsville pedestrian accident lawyer for a free consultation.