Huntsville Car Accident Lawyer

Each morning we buckle our children into cars expecting they will arrive safely at school. We watch a spouse leave for work or daily errands expecting them to return safely home. We trust other drivers around them to drive safely and follow traffic laws.

None of us expect to suffer an injury in a car crash. None of us expect a loved one to suffer an injury in an automobile. Yet, in a second, a devastating collision can occur. People can suffer life-altering personal injuries or disabilities as a result of the negligence of other drivers on our roads and highways. Our dedicated injury attorneys routinely handle automobile and commercial truck cases throughout Alabama. We only handle cases involving serious injuries.

We believe serious injury cases deserve serious attention – this means hard work and preparation to pursue the claims aggressively for you. Serious cases deserve better than those attorneys who advertise for quick settlements leaving injured clients without just compensation. To us, every serious injury case involves real families struggling to recover. These families deserve our individual focus on getting every dollar of recovery possible. Call a Huntsville car accident lawyer today to learn more.

Common Safety Issues in Car Wrecks

The Blackwell Law Firm advocates for highway safety. We routinely discuss highway and safety issues in blog posts and seminars. We welcome you to read or comment on the articles and posts we have published.


Drivers on our roadways must use reasonable care to avoid injuring others. When drivers don’t use reasonable care and others are hurt, they should be responsible for the injuries they cause. In Alabama, driving safely and reasonably includes following the “Rules of the Road” established by our state legislature. The Rules of the Road are common sense rules requiring drivers to do things such as maintaining safe speeds, following at safe distances, obeying traffic signals, passing other vehicles safely, and watching for pedestrians.

Other factors also lead to negligent, and even reckless, driving. These include dangerous activities like drunk driving, fatigued driving, and distracted driving. The statistics on distracted driving are troubling. We routinely investigate and pursue serious personal injuries caused by negligent and reckless drivers who were intoxicated or distracted by electronic devices in their vehicles.

How We can Help

If you or a family member suffer an injury, you need to focus on care and recovery. People are often unable to focus on recovery because they are dealing with the insurance company or a complicated medical system.

In the aftermath of an automobile collision, insurance companies may seek recorded statements or signed documents from you allowing full access to your personal information. We are experienced in handling insurance company tactics designed to limit or deny your claim.

In the aftermath of an automobile collision, the medical system can be confusing and uncertain. Your primary focus should be getting the medical care you need. Your health, and the health of your loved ones, is the most important thing for your family. Our seasoned attorneys in Huntsville have spent years advocating for injured car crash victims and understand the issues can be complicated. We have helped clients suffering all types of personal injury, including whiplash injuries, broken bones, traumatic brain injuries, back and neck injuries, and severe spinal cord injuries. We regularly engage with medical specialists concerning serious injuries. We believe lawyers should advise injured clients dealing with painful injuries and a complicated medical system.

Proving Liability Following a Car Crash

Insurance companies want to pay nothing. From the moment of your injury, the insurance company will work to pay you as little as possible.

The insurance companies already know the reputations of various personal injury attorneys. Insurance companies know which attorneys settle cases quickly for low value and which attorneys fight for their clients. We work to prepare and present your claim.

We gather the information needed for your claim. In some cases, this means reconstructing the events to prove the other driver was at fault. It also means identifying and locating key witnesses. Then, we study and present the medical evidence. This means understanding medical issues and gathering the testimony from key doctors. The value of your case, whether by settlement or trial, depends on the ability of your lawyer to present the important information.

We develop your case so you can obtain the best offer possible. However, not all cases can, or should, settle before filing. Too many lawyers no longer go to court when needed. When deciding who to hire as a personal injury lawyer in Huntsville, you should ask about the lawyer’s willingness and ability to go to court when needed for clients. We believe lawyers should go to court for their clients when needed to obtain the best compensation.

When the insurance company refuses to compensate our client fairly or justly, we file a lawsuit. We begin preparing our cases for trial. You need a hardworking lawyer willing to fight for you after a motor vehicle collision.

Reach Out to an Attorney in Huntsville After a Car Accident

We advocate for injured clients. The focus of our work is obtaining maximum compensation for our clients. Some attorneys only handle limited claims while ignoring others. A serious car wreck can involve many types of claims. These include a personal injury claim against the other driver. They can also include a workers’ compensation claim if you were driving as part of your job. A serious car wreck can also involve claims due to defects in the automobile. Many serious car wreck injuries include claims for uninsured/underinsured insurance coverage. In order to obtain the maximum compensation for you, a Huntsville car accident attorney must understand the various claims, how they interact and their impact on you. We understand these issues and aggressively pursue available claims for you. If you have additional questions or need legal help, please feel free to call. Case consultations are always free.


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