Huntsville Trust Litigation Lawyer

At the Blackwell Law Firm, our Huntsville trust litigation lawyers represent individuals who have suffered life-altering personal injuries or substantial damages. We focus on our specialty – pursuing cases on behalf of injured or damaged plaintiffs.

We don’t write wills or trusts. We don’t handle real estate or other business transactions. We focus all our resources and training on the effort to recover damages for our injured clients. While most of our cases involve people suffering severe physical injuries, we also regularly represent individuals dealing with significant financial losses. Sometimes, people suffer financial losses because of wrongdoing related to inheritances, wills and trust documents.

Trust and estate disputes are unique. These claims involve different legal issues and standards. Alabama statutes provide many of the rules related to wills and trusts.

These cases often involve financial transactions requiring investigation. In some cases, we spend significant time evaluating account statements.

In many cases, the wrongdoer is a relative or person of trust. Instead of acting properly to protect the interests of beneficiaries, that trusted person may have acted selfishly for his or her own benefit. And, these cases often occur in a highly emotional environment. Because of these issues, your choice of trial attorney is critical. If you need a dedicated attorney to pursue a trust or estate claim, call us today.

Does the attorney possess trial experience?

Few attorneys understand these complex cases. Even fewer understand how to prepare them well for trial. Many attorneys who write trusts and wills lack trial experience or the willingness to go to court. That’s where we can help. Other attorneys have retained us on many occasions to pursue trust and estate claims for their clients. We frequently co-counsel with other attorneys to pursue claims and recover damages for clients.

Many attorneys who market themselves as trial attorneys simply don’t understand the unique rules applicable to trusts and estates. Or, those attorneys may not be willing to work these cases which are often difficult and time-consuming. These claims are far different than typical personal injury cases.

These cases often involve relatives. These cases often involve wrongdoers who deny or hide facts. These cases often present difficult family and personal histories. Your attorney must have the ability to focus on the facts and trial in an emotionally-charged environment. In order to recover a judgment or settlement on your behalf, the attorney must be skilled at understanding these unique environments and navigating them to conclusion.

Get in Touch with a Trust Litigation Attorney in Huntsville

The Blackwell Law Firm has represented beneficiaries and heirs in court. We have filed and pursued these claims to resolution at trial. We have recovered wrongfully taken trust funds for our clients. We have contested wills and recovered inheritance proceeds for our clients. We understand the different laws, unique issues and family dynamics involved in these cases.

If you have questions about a trust or estate claim, give a Huntsville trust litigation lawyer a call. Consultations are always free and confidential.