Huntsville Defective Medical Devices Lawyer

The Blackwell Law Firm helps people injured by defective medical devices and dangerous drugs. If you, or a family member, have been injured by a drug or device, call us to discuss your potential claim. Our skilled personal injury attorneys never charge for a consultation. We would be happy to help. A Huntsville defective medical device lawyer could take on your claim and help you fight for your rights.

Defective Medical Devices Cause Devastating Injuries

Patients trust that the medical devices used by hospitals and doctors are safe. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approves new medical devices. Many devices are used daily to help patients improve their lives.

However, far too many defective medical devices are sold without adequate safety testing. Dangerous devices get approval without full testing or make it through loopholes in the system.

In some cases, product manufacturers actually hide the research showing health risks. As a result, dangerous medical devices can be implanted or used in clinics across the United States. Hundreds or thousands of patients may suffer serious injury or death before the truth is realized.

Medical Device Injury Claims are Complex

Medical device manufacturers can make millions of dollars in profits before the medical community discovers a dangerous defect. After discovery, device makers often hire teams of lawyers to defeat serious injury claims.

Most lawsuits against medical device companies end up in Federal Court. When many similar cases are filed in different Federal Courts, they will often be consolidated before a single judge for pre-trial purposes. This is known as multi-district litigation. If you are seeking legal counsel for a defective medical device injury, you should ask any potential attorney if he or she handles cases in Federal Courts throughout the United States. We have that experience.

Defective medical device injury claims involve sophisticated experts and medical specialists. The product engineering can be complex. The medical injuries can be complicated. Federal Courts employ high standards for expert witnesses. Your case can be won or lost with these specialized and technical witnesses. If you are seeking legal counsel for a defective medical device injury, you should ask any potential attorney if he or she has worked with technical experts in complex cases. Ask the attorney if he or she has been through the process to challenge or defend an expert in Federal Court. We have been through that process.

Defective medical device injury claims involve real people with life-altering injuries. Many people are disabled or suffer permanent debilitating pain from defective medical devices. Sadly, some law firms advertise for these cases and then treat clients like numbers. That is wrong. Justice is personal. We know our clients. We study their unique injuries. If you are seeking legal counsel for a defective medical device injury, you should ask any potential attorney if he or she will personally work your case.

Our philosophy of preparing each case applies to medical device cases. Our firm studies the product and the individual injuries of each client. We have pursued justice for our Alabama clients injured by a defective device in multiple courts throughout the United States.

Current Medical Device Investigations and Claims

The Blackwell Law Firm is currently handling or investigating claims related to several different medical devices and products in Huntsville. These cases include:

  • Power Morcellator Cancer Risks
  • Mirena IUD Migration Injury
  • Essure Implant Migration, Embedment And Perforation Injuries
  • Transvaginal Mesh/Bladder Sling Injuries
  • Bard IVC Filter Injury

Reach out to our attorneys to discover more about hazardous healthcare equipment.

Call a Huntsville Attorney to Discuss Defective Medical Devices

Defective medical devices can cause severe injuries, turning your life upside down. Fortunately, you may be entitled to compensation for the harm you experienced. Call a Huntsville defective medical devices lawyer today to learn more and get started on your claim.