Athens Personal Injury Lawyer

In the center of Athens stands the historic Limestone County Courthouse. The courthouse square is both the symbol and heart of our community. The attorneys at the Blackwell Law Firm have many years of experience presenting serious personal injury cases in that courthouse.

At the Blackwell Law Firm, we know that a serious injury can change your life. We know injuries can leave families worried about the future. We believe each client has a unique story that is essential to the best possible recovery. Our attorneys have dedicated their careers to caring for families following a devastating injury. That’s all we do. We focus exclusively on helping your family through the difficulties of a serious injury, on building the best possible case for you, and on telling your unique story.

After a serious car accident or work-related injury, you may have many questions: How do I get needed medical care? Can I pay my medical bills? Will I be able to keep working? How do I deal with the insurance company? When you or a loved one has been seriously injured, you need the guidance that a local Athens personal injury lawyer can provide. We are here to listen and help.

Our attorneys focus exclusively on personal injury cases. We ONLY handle personal injury cases. While many lawyers take all different types of cases, we believe that’s unfair to clients. If you have a serious legal matter, you need a lawyer who is solely focused on that issue. We have many years of experience preparing serious accident and injury claims. We are proud of the results we’ve obtained for injured clients across northern Alabama. We’ve tried cases over many years right here in Athens, Alabama. Our firm founder even tried his very first car accident case in the Limestone County Courthouse.

Cases Where We Can Help

In recent decades, Athens and Limestone County have seen tremendous growth. More roads. More traffic. More jobs. Our lawyers have witnessed this growth first-hand. While Athens has grown tremendously, it’s still a community with a heart that cares for its people. We believe families need an advocate to help them recover fair and just compensation when injured due to the negligence of another.

Serious Personal Injury Claims

Serious personal injury claims need a lawyer who listens to each client’s unique story, who works hard to gather all the evidence, who focuses on working with medical experts to explain the injuries, and who practices exclusively in advocating for those who are hurt. You need an attorney who understands how to best present your unique case.

Car Accidents

From Interstate 65 to Highway 31 to Highway 72, Limestone County is growing. When people are injured in car accidents, they need help recovering fair and just compensation for their injuries. They need a lawyer experienced in fighting the insurance companies who try to deny and delay claims. They need an attorney who has actual personal injury courtroom experience.

Trucking Accidents

Our lawyers have handled big truck cases across Alabama. Eighteen wheelers must follow special rules. We understand those special rules that apply to commercial trucks. We also understand the unique issues of commercial trucks including size and weight. After a serious crash, big truck companies employ teams of lawyers to fight your injury claim. That’s why it’s so important to put an experienced attorney on your side.

Workers’ Compensation Claims

Our lawyers believe injured workers should receive all the benefits provided under Alabama law. We’ve tried workers’ compensation cases at the courthouse in Limestone County (and at other courthouses across northern Alabama) for many years. We are proud to have decades of clients across Limestone County who have worked with us to obtain the maximum compensation benefits possible. Our lawyers hold some of the most significant workers’ compensation decisions issued by Alabama’s appellate courts. In recent years, our attorneys have been invited to speak and teach on issues of Alabama workers’ compensation claims. We believe work comp benefits are essential.

Construction Injuries

Construction projects can involve numerous contractors as well as OSHA regulations. We understand OSHA rules and the relationships between contractors. We understand the hazards that workers face on busy construction sites.

Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcyclists face many hazards. Distracted drivers often fail to see motorcycles until it’s too late. Motorcycle cases can be difficult for many reasons. That’s why you need a lawyer who has actually prepared motorcycle injury cases for trial. We have tried these cases in courthouses across northern Alabama.

Bicycle Accidents

Across northern Alabama, communities have planned for cyclists and pedestrians. Yet, distracted drivers, impaired drivers, and speeding drivers, often put cyclists at risk. We want to help those injured by negligent, reckless, or careless drivers.

Distracted Driving Injuries

Distracted driving is a huge problem in Alabama. We work hard to recover the maximum compensation for our clients injured by dangerous distracted drivers. Distracted driving is an important topic for us. Outside the courtroom, we frequently write and teach on this topic to make our roadways safer. If you have questions about distracted driving, we’ve posted many of our articles to our blog.

Nursing Home Negligence

Our elderly family members are our greatest treasure. We trust their caregivers to keep them safe. We work hard to help families dealing with the injury or death of a loved one due to nursing home negligence or abuse.

Drug & Medical Device Injuries

Every year, thousands of Americans suffer needless personal injury due to dangerous medications or defective medical devices. Too often, our regulatory system fails to protect us. Our attorneys have represented injured Alabama men and women in drug and medical device cases across the United States. Our approach is different. Other firms sign clients and refer them to some settlement mill where they are treated as a number. We don’t work that way. At our firm, we personally handle your claim. We know you. We know your injuries. We appear in court and present your unique claim. You can count on us to work hard for your maximum recovery. We have a track record of helping injured people in past dangerous and defective product cases.

Spinal Cord Injuries

If you suffered a serious or disabling injury, you need an attorney who understands complex medical issues. You need an attorney who has experience working with medical specialists to present the evidence. Our lawyers have spent decades studying injuries and working with medical experts to help clients. Our lawyers know how to gather and present medical testimony to tell your important story.

Wrongful Death Claims

Alabama’s wrongful death laws are unique. You need an attorney who understands these claims. You need an attorney who understands how to help families dealing with a tragic loss caused by the reckless or negligent acts of another.

Premises Liability Claims

When you shop or visit the property of another, you should feel safe. Property owners have certain duties to keep their property safe from hazards. We understand those important duties.

Whether it’s a car accident, truck accident, workers’ compensation claim, or other Athens personal injury, our lawyers have tried cases to verdict at your courthouse in Limestone County. We know the process and how to present your case. Our sole focus as lawyers is building and presenting the best possible personal injury cases for our clients.

Our Lawyers Are Prepared To Help

At the Blackwell Law Firm, we believe in preparation and hard work. We want you to have a lawyer who provides the answers and advice you need to move forward after a serious injury. We want you to have a lawyer who works hard to prepare the very best case possible for your maximum recovery.

Our attorneys start by listening carefully to you. Each client has a unique story. At our firm, you meet with an attorney! We then carefully investigate your accident to identify the responsible parties and to gather the best evidence for your claim. We understand most clients want to resolve their claims fairly without going to trial. We believe hard work and preparation allow us to build the best case so you can negotiate and settle your claim from the best position. Hard work and preparation build the best cases for both settlement and trial.

The Athens attorneys at Blackwell Law Firm have years of experience preparing cases, negotiating cases, and trying personal injury cases in court. Our goal in all cases is to obtain the most compensation possible for our clients.

How Much Time Do I Have To Make an Injury Claim?

In Alabama, you must file most personal injury lawsuits within two years from the date of injury. However, some exceptions do exist which can make the time limit longer or shorter.

For example, a minor has two years to file his or her lawsuit after reaching the age of nineteen. This does not mean you must wait until the minor reaches the age of nineteen. In many cases, you do not want to wait as it may become more difficult to gather evidence at a later date. Another example relates to claims against local cities for injuries caused by their negligence. Claims against local governments may require notice as short as six months after the accident.

In all potential cases, it’s important to seek legal counsel from an experienced local Athens personal injury attorney who can advise you as to the best steps for your claim. Find someone with experience who understands that every story is unique and every case is personal.

Our Athens Personal Injury Attorneys Are Just One Call Away

Every day, you are bombarded with advertisements for lawyers. Many of these advertising lawyers are located far away with no ties to our northern Alabama communities. The Athens personal injury attorneys at Blackwell Law Firm have strong ties to Limestone County. Our firm founder is even a graduate of Athens High School.

Many advertising lawyers have never even been to court. Many advertising lawyers won’t even meet personally with you. Instead, they rely on administrative staff or investigators to talk with you. That’s wrong. We believe the lawyer needs to hear your unique story. We believe the lawyer needs to work closely with you. We believe the lawyer needs to understand what happens in court.

This is our home. We live and work here in northern Alabama. We are here to listen and help. If you have questions about an accident or injury, contact us. We are happy to provide advice. Our consultations are always free and confidential.

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