Huntsville Bus Accident Lawyer

Buses offer reliable and affordable transportation that many Huntsville residents use daily. While accidents involving buses are not as common as other types of crashes on the roadways, when they do happen, they can leave you with severe and lasting injuries, since the massive size and weight of the vehicles makes them more dangerous.

When a bus driver or the company they work for was careless and caused you or a loved one harm, you may be eligible to collect compensation from the people at-fault. Call a hardworking Huntsville bus accident lawyer at The Blackwell Law Firm to learn more.

Common Bus Crash Causes and Injuries

A bus accident can happen for many of the same reasons as a passenger car crash, including driver error, distracted driving, poor driver training, or brake or mechanical failure—or it may be caused by another driver on the road. Some common injuries people sustain in bus crashes include:

  • Head and brain injuries
  • Broken bones
  • Neck injuries, including whiplash
  • Back and spinal cord injuries
  • Severe cuts and scarring
  • Serious burns

Depending on the time of day, a bus may be full of passengers, many of whom may sustain injuries or other losses during an accident. Other motorists, as well as nearby bicyclists and pedestrians, may also suffer grave injuries in a collision with a bus.

Who Is the At-Fault Party in Bus Crash Civil Claims?

Bus crash cases are often more complex than other accident claims because there could be several parties held responsible. The people at-fault—the defendants—could include the bus operator, the transportation company, a municipal government or agency, a private entity, or someone else entirely, such as another motorist or even the bus manufacturer.

At the Blackwell Law Firm we’ve helped many people injured in bus accidents. Our lawyers have investigated a diverse variety of bus crashes and the personal injuries they caused. These diverse crashes include a car driver crushed between a bus and a truck in the Memorial Parkway area. They also include passengers on city buses such as the passengers severely injured when their City of Huntsville bus was struck by a dump truck on Bob Wallace Avenue. We’ve worked to investigate and reconstruct many serious crashes to help our injured clients.

Damages in Bus Accident Cases

The award amount for damages can vary greatly, depending on the details of the case. The court will consider the plaintiff’s injuries and how they will affect them in the future, as well as the actions that led to the crash. The court may provide a settlement to cover:

  • Healthcare costs, including ongoing medical expenses
  • Required prescriptions and medical devices
  • Loss of salary and benefits
  • Pain and suffering

A Huntsville bus crash attorney could help file the documents and collect the evidence needed to prove losses and recover damages.

Common Carrier Duty of Care

Every person traveling on state roads and highways must use caution and avoid causing harm to the motorists and pedestrians around them. The law holds bus drivers and bus companies who collect a fee for riding —also called common carriers—to a higher standard. According to Alabama Code § 37-3-19, common carriers have a legal duty of care to provide safe transportation of passengers they carry in exchange for a fee.

When a bus driver or bus company violates their duty of care and causes harm to a passenger, there may be legal cause to file a civil lawsuit. A bus crash lawyer in Huntsville could investigate the origin of the incident and help build a case for damages.

Schedule To Meet With a Seasoned Bus Accident Attorney in Huntsville

Civil law could allow you to collect compensation from the at-fault parties if you suffered injuries in a bus accident because of negligence. The settlement amount will depend on the specifics of the accident and the severity of your losses.

An experienced Huntsville bus accident lawyer could help you through the process to collect the fair settlement you deserve. Call today to schedule a free consultation.