Huntsville Construction Accident Lawyer

At the Blackwell Law Firm, our goal is to obtain the maximum compensation for your personal injury. Our experienced injury representatives frequently represent workers injured in traumatic industrial or construction accidents. To learn more about obtaining benefits after an incident of this nature, enlist the help of a Huntsville construction accident lawyer.

Fighting for Full Workers’ Compensation Benefits

When a worker suffers a personal injury on an industrial or construction site, the case starts with Alabama workers’ compensation benefits. Some attorneys neglect workers’ compensation issues. We do not. We fight for full benefits. We help our clients navigate a complex and confusing workers’ compensation system to get needed medical care. Unlike some other attorneys, we do not believe clients should navigate a difficult medical system alone.

When an injury leaves a worker with a long-term disability, we fight to get those benefits for our clients as well. We prepare our workers’ compensation cases for trial. We believe the best results come from preparing cases fully. We have real trial experience in counties throughout Alabama. If you have suffered a serious construction accident in Huntsville, you need a hardworking attorney who will aggressively advocate for injured victims.

Pursuing Additional Claims

Workers’ compensation benefits are limited in Alabama. You cannot sue your own employer for negligence to recover additional compensation. However, if someone outside your employer acted negligently and caused your injury, you can pursue claims against that person or company. Lawyers often refer to these claims as third-party claims.

We investigate your accident. We explore and pursue third-party claims for you. Sometimes, third-party claims involve cases against another driver who caused your injury. Sometimes, third-party claims involve cases against other companies present on a job site. Many industrial and construction work sites involve multiple contractors.

We have investigated and pursued numerous third-party claims on construction and industrial work sites. We understand the relationships between contractors on sites.

A few examples of cases where we have successfully pursued claims against other contractors in recent years include:

  • We represented a steel erector injured on a construction site at Redstone Arsenal when his scissors lift toppled. After going to trial in his workers’ compensation claim and obtaining a judgment for our client, we successfully pursued claims against the site general contractor alleging safety violations.
  • We represented two electrical contract workers struck by an overhead crane at an industrial facility. After successfully concluding their workers’ compensation cases, we pursued third-party claims against the facility owner responsible for the overhead crane. After significant litigation, we were able to obtain a substantial recovery from the owner.
  • We represented a boilermaker injured by a toxic gas while a subcontractor at an industrial plant. After successfully obtaining a verdict in his workers’ compensation case, we successfully pursued additional third-party claims against the plant. The case involved OSHA penalties.
  • We represented a welder injured when a piece of scaffold fell on him. We first helped the client successfully navigate the medical system and obtain workers’ compensation benefits. Then, we pursued third-party claims against the separate scaffolding company. When the scaffolding company refused to settle fairly, we successfully tried the claims to a jury which assessed both compensatory and punitive damages against the scaffold company.

We understand the complex workers’ compensation, safety and contract issues between contractors on industrial and construction work sites. We regularly review safety and OSHA-related issues. We have inspected and analyzed important industrial equipment such as scissors lifts, scaffolds, cranes, forklifts and other equipment. We understand issues related to safety training and activity hazard analyses on job sites. As part of our work, our skilled attorneys in Huntsville routinely engage construction safety experts and have cross-examined experts at trial.

Representing the Whole Client

Our philosophy involves representing the whole client. Some attorneys only handle workers’ compensation claims. Other attorneys only handle the separate third-party claims. We believe those limited approaches are not in the best interest of the client. Instead, a trial lawyer should represent the whole client in an effort to obtain the maximum recovery possible. If you are seeking an attorney for a serious personal injury on an industrial or construction site where you might have multiple claims, you should ask several questions:

  • Does the attorney handle only one type of claim? If so, other possible claims might be neglected.
  • Will you be assigned different attorneys to handle different claims? If so, your attorneys may or may not work together well for your benefit.
  • Will you deal with different law firms for different claims? If so, you may incur additional costs negatively impacting your recovery.
  • Does the attorney understand the relationship between claims and how it affects overall recovery? If not, your overall recovery may suffer.

Our skilled lawyers in Huntsville have a track record of helping victims injured in building site accidents.

Seek Help from a Huntsville Attorney After a Construction Accident

The Blackwell Law Firm investigates your injury and pursues your available claims. We have successfully tried workers’ compensation and third-party claims in Alabama.

If you are seeking an attorney following an injury on an industrial or construction work site, our Huntsville construction accident lawyers would be happy to answer your questions. Consultations are always free and confidential.