Rollover Car Accidents in Huntsville

A rollover car accident is when a car tips on its side or roof in a crash. Depending on the severity of the wreck, the vehicle may roll multiple times, which may cause the people inside to sustain serious injuries. These collisions typically occur in single-car accidents but can also happen in ones involving more than one vehicle.

After you have sustained an injury in a rollover car accident in Huntsville, you must contact an experienced automobile accident attorney from The Blackwell Law Firm for assistance with a claim. You deserve to explore your legal options and have a knowledgeable legal advocate during this difficult time.

Basic Information About Rollover Car Wrecks

The common assumption is that rollover accidents happen because the driver is speeding, but that is not always true. Rollover accidents may also occur when cars have defective tires, or the roads are not in good condition. Some experts have speculated that rollover accidents can occur due to the standard designs of SUVs and trucks. These vehicles tend to have higher centers of gravity and narrower wheelbases, making the driver’s control of the car more difficult. We’ve also seen many rollover crashes caused by the distraction, intoxication or road rage of another driver. Rollover crashes can have serious consequences and could lead to severe injury or wrongful death.

There are two types of rollover accidents: untripped and tripped rollovers. In untripped rollover crashes, the accident typically results from steering, speed, or friction with the road. They may be doing this to avoid colliding with another car or object. In a tripped rollover accident, the car trips over something, such as a curb, road blockade, or a defect on the ground. A Huntsville attorney from The Blackwell Law Firm could help you seek the compensation you deserve after sustaining an injury in a rollover car accident and answer any questions pertaining to a claim. Over the last two decades, our lawyers have investigated and recreated countless accidents across northern Alabama to help our injured clients.

Rollover accidents can cause serious traumatic brain and spinal injuries. Traumatic brain and spinal injuries are often underreported and undertreated. They are leading causes of chronic pain and disability. At the Blackwell Law Firm, we have years of experience working with clients following a serious brain or spinal injury. We constantly research these injuries and work with the medical professionals who treat them. Our lawyers take a proactive approach to helping clients navigate complex medical and legal systems. We believe our approach helps injury victims and their families heal and recover the maximum compensation possible.

What Is Contributory Negligence?

The state follows a strict contributory negligence model. Contributory negligence is a common defense that defendants use where they allege that the injured motorist failed to care for their safety. In other words, their negligence contributed to the accident, and as a result, they should not recover any damages from another person or entity. Our lawyers are experienced in handling contributory negligence defenses during negotiations and trials.

Finding that an injured motorist was contributorily negligent will prevent them from winning damages, even if another person was more at fault. As a result, hiring a lawyer who knows the local negligence laws in Huntsville to handle your rollover vehicle crash lawsuit is essential so that a claim has the highest chance of success.

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People may wonder if they need a lawyer after experiencing a rollover car accident in Huntsville. Navigating the legal process on your own can be overwhelming without the help of a skilled attorney from The Blackwell Law Firm. We could help protect you from insurance companies that may convince you to take a low settlement, review evidence to determine fault and ensure any compensation awards adequately meet your needs. Let us take the lead in handling the legal work so you can focus on recovery.

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