Side Impact/T-Bone Car Accidents in Huntsville

In a side impact or T-bone car accident, one vehicle crashes into the side of another in a “T” shape. These collisions can cause severe injuries even at low speeds and are usually due to negligence from one of the drivers. T-bone accidents frequently occur at intersections where one car runs a stop sign or red light. These accidents can be frightening, and after experiencing one, it is essential to contact a skilled car accident attorney from The Blackwell Law Firm for assistance with a case.

When you or someone you love was injured in a side impact/T-bone car accident in Huntsville, you have the right to pursue justice and accountability through the legal system. You deserve to have an empathetic lawyer who could help you understand your options for pursuing compensation.

Understanding T-Bone Accidents

After a side-impact wreck, the drivers and passengers will likely sustain injuries, including broken bones or harm to their back, neck, or head. The most severe accidents can result in disability, amputation, or death. Besides physical injuries, injured motorists can experience non-visible harm in the form of emotional trauma.

The costs of any injuries can be expensive and stressful. While recovering from an accident, hiring a Huntsville attorney with experience in side impact/T-bone car accidents is wise. Our understanding legal professionals could advocate on an injured person’s behalf and perform a detailed investigation to determine the cause of a collision and who should be held legally responsible. We have years of experience investigating accidents and dealing with insurance companies during the claims process.

Process for Building a Strong Case

After experiencing a T-bone automobile crash, the parties should immediately call for police and medical help. It is important to gather as many details as possible at the accident scene, such as the other driver’s insurance information, potential witnesses, and photos. In Huntsville, there is a two-year statute of limitations for civil claims, which means that a person injured in a T-bone car collision has two years from the incident date to file their claim in court. If they miss that deadline, they risk their chances of obtaining any recovery.

Evidence collection may take several months, require the focus of multiple skilled professionals, and can be a painstaking process. Reviewing each piece of evidence to ensure it truthfully and accurately presents the injured motorist’s side of the story requires minute attention to detail. However, the experienced attorneys at The Blackwell Law Firm understand that solid evidence could make or break a winning case. Items like police reports, medical bills, traffic footage, witness accounts, and photos of the accident scene are typical examples of evidence that may be used in car accident lawsuits. Our legal professionals are experienced in handling this information and will work to ensure all available evidence is accounted for in a claim. When you hire us on a claim, we get to work gathering the evidence needed to best present your case.

Contributory Negligence

Numerous factors may affect the determination of fault in T-bone car wrecks. The state follows a strict contributory negligence model, which means that the driver whose car was T-boned by the other may not recover any compensation if they were at fault for the accident in any way. Don’t simply accept the insurance company’s argument that you were partially at fault. Instead, let us investigate your case.

Hire a Huntsville Attorney To Help You With Your Side-Impact Collision Today

When you have been injured in a side-impact/T-bone car accident in Huntsville, you should hire a knowledgeable lawyer who could advocate for your best interests. The legal system is complex and nuanced, and it is crucial to understand your available options for pursuing compensation. Our lawyers take a proactive approach. From the moment we are hired, we start to gather and build your legal case. We also provide step-by-step practical advice as you get the medical care needed for your best recovery. Injured clients need an advocate throughout all parts of the process. We understand how to prepare car accident claims. While most cases settle, the insurance companies know we can and will go to trial when necessary.

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