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What is an “Impairment Rating” and why is it Important?

At the time of MMI, the doctor may calculate an Impairment Rating. These ratings are calculated using the A.M.A. Guides To The Evaluation Of Permanent Impairment. The assigned rating will vary for different injuries to different body parts. In some cases, permanent partial disability (PPD) benefits are calculated based upon your physical impairment. Although the court is not bound to accept your doctor’s assigned Impairment Rating as your physical impairment in those cases, many courts do.

In many other cases, your physical limitations or permanent restrictions are much more important than your Impairment Rating. In those cases, limitations and restrictions will be relied upon in determining compensation.

Do not rely on the insurance company to calculate your benefits. Insurance companies will often calculate benefits based upon the Impairment Rating in cases where your limitations should be the basis of compensation. This often results in a settlement offer that is too low.