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Zooming And Driving (Updated)

On April 26, I wrote a distracted driving post discussing changes due to the coronavirus pandemic. In my post, I asked if drivers were really zooming and driving at the same time. It’s hard to believe somebody would attend a zoom meeting while also driving!

Less than two weeks after my post, a real incident made the news. It’s even worse than imagined. The distracted driver was actually a state legislator. And, he was attending a legislative meeting by zoom while driving. You can read my prior post at:

Zooming And Driving? Did The Pandemic Make Distracted Driving Worse?

Here is a link to the NBC News story about the politician zooming and driving at the same time. In video footage from the incident, you can see the politician moving his attention back-and-forth between his meeting and the road. How completely dangerous!

During the coronavirus pandemic, we saw much less traffic on our roads. While traffic volumes have begun to increase back to pre-pandemic levels, the pandemic may present some lasting changes in driving habits around rush hour. That might be a big improvement. Unfortunately, the pandemic also saw increases in deadly distracted driving. That’s a serious issue we need to address in order to prevent needless injuries and deaths on Alabama roads.