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Road Rage — When Anger Leads To Injury On The Road (Slideshow)

Last month, I wrote a lengthy post on road rage in Alabama. We live in angry and difficult times. Some drivers allow their anger to put others at risk on our highways.

Although recent months have seen fewer cars on Alabama roads due to the coronavirus, we still see almost weekly headlines reporting a road rage incident. Just in 2020, headlines have even reported road rage related stabbings and shootings in Alabama.

While incidents with weapons grab headlines, we face a larger problem. It’s a daily problem of impatience and anger that impacts driver behavior. At its extreme, an angry driver may recklessly or intentionally harm someone. When not at its extreme, driver anger and frustration still cause reckless and risky behavior. Road rage is a problem that leads to injury on our roads.

I thought I would post my slides related to a road rage presentation I prepared. Feel free to share or comment. I welcome discussions on important safety and personal injury issues.


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