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Five Big Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Alabama Workers Compensation Claim

Last month, I wrote a lengthy article on five big mistakes that can impact a work-related injury claim in Alabama. You can read that earlier post at Top Five Mistakes Workers Make After A Job-Related Accident.

I talk to injured Alabama workers every week. We discuss a lot of workers’ compensation issues. Often, callers have made one of these mistakes before contacting us. Sometimes, we can help fix the situation. But, in some cases, it’s too late to help. So, I hope the information in my longer article is useful.

With these issues in mind, I put together this quick infographic which notes these five big mistakes we frequently see. If you are hurt on the job, workers’ compensation benefits can be very important to your health, to your finances and to your family. Feel free to keep my infographic or read my longer article. If you have any questions about Alabama workers’ compensation benefits, let me know.

Five Issues For Alabama Workers Compensation Claims




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