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The Danger Of Distracted Driving

Where do I get my blog topics? Usually, I write about legal issues I’m handling. Sometimes, I write about legal issues in the news.

At our firm, distracted driving is a frequent topic. We are currently helping two people seriously injured by a driver who crashed into them at a high speed while searching the song list on her cellphone. We recently helped another client injured by a driver searching through his glove compartment while driving in rush hour traffic. In the last 20 years, the number of injuries caused by distracted drivers has skyrocketed.

Distracted driving is a major safety issue on our roads and highways. Our firm devotes a section of our website to the topic. In that section, we discuss the major types of distracted driving and their causes.

I’ve also written a series of posts on the firm’s blog – Alabama Injury Lawyer Blog. These posts discuss several issues related to distracted driving. To learn more, read the following:

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The Blackwell Law Firm is dedicated to obtaining the maximum compensation available for families dealing with an injury caused by a distracted driver. Our firm also believes in reducing distracted driving by educating drivers and discussing available vehicle technology. We welcome discussions related to distracted driving and highway safety.