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Injured In A Car Accident? Do Not Wait To See The Doctor!

Alabama Personal Injury AttorneysIn the moments after a car crash, your adrenaline is pumping. You may not even realize the extent of your injuries. So, you go home instead of going to the emergency room. Later that night when the adrenaline wears off, you begin to hurt badly. You can barely sleep. You can barely move. You can barely function. You know you are injured.

Do I need to see the doctor after my car accident? If you are hurting, the answer is yes. I understand there are many reasons why you don’t want to see the doctor. Over the last 25 years, I’ve heard all the reasons why people don’t seek medical care. Doctors are expensive! I don’t like seeing the doctor! Medical appointments require too much time! I’ll have to miss work to see the doctor! I’ll be fine with a little time (or so I thought when first hurt). I’ve heard these and all the other reasons for not seeing a doctor. Trust me, most people don’t like seeing a doctor or lawyer. Neither do I. I get it. But, there are times when it’s important to seek medical care.

If you are injured, you need to see the doctor. You don’t need to wait. Your health is too important. Today, I’m going to discuss briefly three big reasons why you need to see the doctor if hurt in an accident.

1. Waiting May Cause An Injury To Become Permanent Or Chronic!

Nothing is worse than seeing a simple injury become chronic by being ignored! Yes, some easily treatable injuries can become permanent if ignored. Instead of resuming normal life after a few months, the person faces a lifetime of pain or limitations because he or she waited too long.

I see this happen in both car accident and work-related accident situations. It happens frequently to injured workers because of delays within the workers’ compensation system in Alabama. I’ve written about that separate topic on several past occasions.

If you are hurting, see the doctor. Get your options for medical care. It’s important to your healing.

2. Waiting May Extend Your Losses And Damages!

“I thought I would be fine in a few days or weeks.” I’ve heard this many times. Like I mentioned earlier, I totally understand not wanting to go to the doctor. I’m certainly not going to run to the doctor for something minor.

When you are hurting to the extent that it impacts your ability to sleep, work, and live a normal life, you need to be evaluated. You need to know how bad you are hurt. You need to know the options for your recovery. Your injury may be easily treatable. Your injury may just require a little physical therapy. Why continue hurting without knowing your options? If your injury is easily treatable, your delay is just extending the time you suffer.

3. Waiting May Harm Your Claim Or Settlement!

I can hear the adjuster now — “You must not be hurting badly because you waited two months to see the doctor! If you are hurt, maybe something else during that delay caused it.” Adjusters look for reasons to deny your claim. Don’t give them an easy one.

It also goes beyond the adjuster. When you wait too long, it makes it more difficult for the doctor to say the accident caused your injury. You need the doctor’s support to win your claim. This is why you need to see the doctor without a lengthy delay. And, it’s the reason why you need to tell the doctor about the accident and how it hurt you.

If You Are Hurt, Seek The Medical Care You Need

When we meet with someone hurt in an accident, it’s important to us that he or she gets needed medical care. We understand the reasons why people wait. We also understand the medical system can be complex, confusing or frustrating for many people. That’s why we start on Day One listening and advising our clients during treatment. That’s why we want to talk with our clients throughout their medical care. That’s why we believe Alabama personal injury attorneys should take a proactive approach to work intensively with their clients throughout the entire process.

If you are hurt, get the medical treatment you need to heal and resume your life. Get the treatment you need to work and care for your family. If you have a permanent injury, get the treatment you need to live with the least amount of pain and least amount of limitations possible.