Concerned About Coronavirus? A Message To Our Alabama Clients And Neighbors

During these difficult times, Blackwell Law Firm remains committed to providing excellent legal service for our clients and neighbors. We are closely tracking public health developments related to COVID-19. We are closely monitoring information provided by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the State of Alabama. We have implemented safety precautions to keep our clients and staff safe. We are optimistic that our collective implementation of these guidelines throughout our community will allow a return to normal shortly.

Our law firm is open and operational. We continue to work on our current cases. We are also available to answer legal questions from our neighbors throughout Alabama.

While we prefer face-to-face contact, we understand the need to keep our community safe and to combat this novel coronavirus. We have implemented procedures to protect our staff and clients.

Within our office, we continue to sanitize all areas and surfaces. We also have hand sanitizer in all work areas. We have instructed our staff not to report to work if they, or any member of their household, has any symptoms. We have provided the attorneys and staff all the tools needed to work from home, if needed.

For our current clients, new clients and neighbors, we are accommodating meeting preferences through telephone and video conference options. We are available to discuss your legal issues or questions through telephone, email or video conference options. We remain open and available to help. We welcome your calls.

Please see below for answers to some frequently asked questions. Feel free to reach out to us at (256) 261-1315 for assistance.

Is your office currently open during normal business hours?

Yes, the Blackwell Law Firm is open. During these difficult times, we believe the legal profession must be responsive to our friends and neighbors. We remain open. We have implemented safety procedures to advise and help our neighbors.

When and how can I contact you?

You can contact our office in several ways. Our staff continues to answer phone calls during business hours. Although we have taken safety steps, we continue to maintain some staff in our office.

You may contact us through telephone. Our number is (256) 261-1315. You may also contact us through email. We continue to monitor our email from both the office and home. New clients may also contact us via the contact form on our website. That contact form is also monitored for response.

Are you accepting new clients?

Yes. We are accepting new clients. Normally, we prefer face-to-face meetings. Our philosophy centers on hard work and preparation. We spend considerable time with our new clients.

However, we understand current health issues may require initial meetings by telephone and video conference. We have implemented procedures to conduct new client meetings by telephone and video conference so that we may provide immediate advice and begin working for you. We can also accept documents via electronic means rather than in-office delivery.

How can I get updates regarding the status of my personal injury case or legal matter?

Our firm follows a team approach centered on hard work and preparation. We continue to work hard for our clients and their cases. We remain available to discuss your case at any time.

Are courts still open in Alabama? Will my court date be rescheduled?

We represent clients in personal injury cases across Alabama. We have cases filed in Federal and State Court. Court proceedings have been temporarily suspended by many courts. We are monitoring court closures on a daily basis. We are available and ready to answer any questions you have about the current status of any court delays.

Court deadlines and proceedings will be rescheduled. During this delay, we continue to research and prepare our cases so that we are ready for hearings and trials when re-set. We do not believe in wasting time that could be used to research, study, plan and prepare our cases for the future.

Will scheduled depositions, mediations, arbitrations, or other legal matters occur as planned?

We continue to work our cases. Some matters have been delayed by necessity. However, we continue to conduct depositions and mediations through other means such as video conference whenever possible. We have conducted recent mediations by teleconference due to health risks. We also continue to schedule matters for the future in anticipation that the current health issues will return to normal shortly.

My case has a statute of limitations. How do court closures impact this issue?

Alabama has an electronic filing system for cases. Lawyers participate in this system which allows them to file cases remotely. If you have a potential case, your lawyer can file the claim. If you have a potential claim, we would urge you to consult an attorney so that any case can be filed within the applicable statute of limitations.

Can I still settle my personal injury or workers’ compensation claim?

Yes. We continue to work for our clients. During this time, we continue to prepare cases for trial. We also continue to settle personal injury and workers’ compensation claims for our injured clients.

In our personal injury cases, we continue to negotiate cases with insurance companies and their lawyers. We have even conducted mediation by teleconference.

Under Alabama law, workers’ compensation settlements require certain approval. The Alabama Department of Labor has provided approval through telephone conferences in order to accommodate injured workers. We have used this process in recent weeks to resolve workers compensation cases during temporary court suspensions.

Can I still contact an attorney at this time? Is your law firm open?

Yes. We are happy to discuss your legal issues. Our lawyers are available to answer any legal questions. We have taken safety precautions in order to remain open for our clients and neighbors.

Under normal conditions, people with serious injuries already have many concerns. Will I get better? Will I be able to return to work? How will I pay my bills? It is important that people have access to legal advice. It is important that our firm (and other law firms) remain available for the community.

If you were hurt in an accident and need legal advice, call the attorneys at Blackwell Law Firm. Our Huntsville personal injury attorneys are available to answer questions or discuss your legal issues. You can reach us at (256) 261-1315. Consultations are always free and confidential.