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Workers’ Compensation Case Nurse: Friend Or Foe?

You just suffered a work-related accident and injury. What are your biggest concerns? If you are like most people, your biggest concerns are healing and paying the bills while healing. You want to return to your normal life as soon as possible. Our work comp system was originally intended to help you with that goal.

Yet, the system has become something different. Unjust delays and denials have become normal. From the start, you are placed in a system that protects the insurance company’s interest over years. Many injured workers have difficulty just seeing a doctor. The insurance company (when the adjuster bothers to return your call) even picks your doctor.

Did the work comp carrier pick you a good doctor? Will the work comp carrier authorize needed medical treatment? Maybe you are worried but hopeful when treatment starts. In some cases, the system runs fairly smoothly. In others, an insurance company adjuster chooses to delay care, deny benefits, or ignore requests.

In a few cases, the insurance adjuster hires a “case nurse” for your claim. This “friendly” person calls you or appears at your medical visits. Is the case nurse your friend? She sure acts friendly. Is the case nurse helpful to you? She sure claims to be. Some case nurses really do help injured workers. Others use their position to help the insurance company. The problem for you — By the time you discover whether or not the case nurse is on your side, it may be too late. I’ve created this short slideshow to discuss some of the potential problems biased case nurses can cause for injured workers:


I’ve written longer posts discussing work comp case nurses on prior occasions. You can read a few of them here:

If you have questions about case nurses, or other Alabama workers’ compensation issues, let me know. I discuss many work comp issues on this blog. I’m also happy to answer questions.


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