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What? The Settlement Mill Lawyer Is Bragging That She Pesters Insurance Adjusters? Good Lawyers PREPARE instead of PESTER.

Huntsville, AlabamaEarlier this week, I saw a strange lawyer video. It was published by a settlement mill lawyer outside Alabama. In the video, this personal injury lawyer suggested injured people should hire her because she would “pester” the insurance adjuster with repeated calls for a settlement. This lawyer repeated over-and-over that she would pepper the adjuster with repeated phone calls to pester them into negotiating a settlement. I guess it was easy to make a quick TikTok video. But, what a terrible idea. If you want to get the most compensation possible for your clients, being a needy or desperate pest is a terrible idea.

I understand the frustration of hurt people after dealing with an insurance adjuster. Your calls are often ignored. I hear from people hurt in car accidents who are ghosted by an adjuster. I hear from people hurt in work-related accidents who cannot get the adjuster to respond and approve medical care. I’ve written multiple times on the topic. I’ve offered advice in some of my prior posts.

But, a lawyer pestering the adjuster is not the answer! Yet, it’s a practice of many settlement mill lawyers. Why? Their goal is a quick settlement. Their goal is not to get you the best settlement. It’s to get you the quickest settlement so they can move to the next claim. Settlement mill lawyers put quantity of settlements over quality of settlements. If you suffered a serious personal injury, you want the opposite. You want quality.

Several years ago, I interviewed a local paralegal who had worked for a Huntsville settlement mill lawyer. I won’t name him but he promised quick checks for wrecks! This paralegal told me her job was to call the adjuster repeatedly but, in the end, to accept whatever was offered. Really! Does anyone think that law firm was getting a good response? I’m sure the adjusters quickly figured their scheme and decided simply to stand on their small offers knowing they would eventually be accepted.

What about the lawyer who published the video claiming to pester adjuster? She also sends all her litigation cases to another lawyer. She’s clearly not maximizing her cases. A business model based on quick volume settlements may be profitable for a lawyer doing nothing but calling and pestering adjusters. But, it’s a horrible business model for clients suffering serious injuries. The client suffers.

Adjusters Know Settlement Mill Lawyers Are Desperate For The Quick Deal!

A good insurance adjuster knows desperation. When you or your lawyer leave repeated messages over a short period of time, the adjuster will think you are desperate. That adjuster then holds all the power to pay you less!

When the settlement mill lawyer has case managers leaving daily messages, it’s absolutely the wrong course of action. It tells the adjuster that they are willing to settle for a low value. It hurts you. The adjuster can simply wait and play these settlement mill lawyers for a low settlement.

Look, I understand that in some injury cases, people do need to settle sooner rather than later. I understand many hurt people face difficult situations with bills, jobs and other injury impacts. But, there are much better ways to reach a settlement than repeated and desperate voice messages. If you face these desperate issues, you and your lawyer should talk and strategize the best possible course for your case.

Adjusters Know Settlement Mill Lawyers Are Unwilling To File And Pursue Cases Into The Courtroom For Maximum Value!

When paralegals change jobs from a settlement mill law firm to a law firm with real trial lawyers, they are often surprised at how much larger individual car accident settlements are with the real trial firm. But, nobody should be surprised.

Insurance adjusters deal with the same lawyers and law firms over-and-over. They know the settlement mill lawyers who are going to call repeatedly but will eventually take any amount offered. They also know the real trial lawyers who are going to call politely but are willing to pursue their cases to court when needed for a client. It makes a huge difference in settlement offers.

How Should Your Case Be Handled?

Adjusters know desperation. Adjusters know lawyers who will never go to trial. They also know which lawyers will file a case and will try a case. It makes a world of difference.

If you are involved in a serious accident and need to talk with an adjuster, the tips are simple. Your lawyer should be courteous. Your lawyer should also ALWAYS be prepared and knowledgeable about your unique claim. That means your lawyer should have studied the accident and studied the medical records. Your lawyer should be both courteous and prepared in every conversation with the insurance company. Your lawyer should also be willing to take the case to the next step when necessary. That means you need a lawyer who is willing to file the case and to try the case if justice requires. Your lawyer should spend his or her time PREPARING not PESTERING.


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