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Upcoming Seminar — Advanced Personal Injury

Ask most lawyers and they will tell you — seminars are typically boring. You sit in a bleak, windowless conference room. At the scheduled time, the speaker stands. The speaker then drones on and on (and on) until his time expires. By lunch, the audience is desperate for a break. After lunch, the audience struggles simply to stay awake. A few lawyers never return.

Yet, these boring events are necessary since our profession requires hours of continuing education each year. But, seminars don’t have to be boring. They should not be boring. They can, and should be, events where lawyers gather to mentor each other in their areas of practice.

I like to teach at least one seminar each year. I view these seminars as a great opportunity to meet other lawyers and to discuss issues important to my law practice. In the past few years, I have had the opportunity to speak a few times on issues involving personal injury, products’ liability, and workers’ compensation.

I try to engage my audience. My goal? Get the audience discussing the topic. Get the audience asking questions. Tell stories that keep attention. Questions and feedback are welcome. When successful, I usually leave the seminar feeling as if I learned as much as the audience.

On several past occasions, these seminars have been hosted by the National Business Institute. In a couple days, I will again be speaking at one of their seminars in Huntsville titled Advanced Personal Injury: Mastering Your Practice. My topics will include jury selection and opening statements. This should be a good time. I would invite any local attorneys to attend.