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Texting And Driving Endangers Everyone

Texting And Driving Endangers Everyone

Huntsville Personal Injury Attorneys - Blackwell Law FirmTexting while driving puts all of us at risk. How can we expect our children to be safe drivers if we do not lead by example? We must lead by example. Because of that, I’ve written several posts discussing distracted driving among both parents and professional drivers. You can read a few of those posts here:

Parents. Commercial Drivers. Both groups set an example for young people just learning to drive. By first changing their driving habits, these professional drivers can impact the behavior of future drivers for the good of all. While I’ve written about parents and commercial drivers, I have not written about school bus drivers. It’s hard for me to imagine a school bus driver texting while driving.

School bus companies should understand the dangers of distracted driving better than anyone. School bus companies should practice zero tolerance for dangerous habits like texting while driving. No school bus driver should ever text while driving. Yet, a school bus driver in Georgia recently did exactly that.

What happened in Georgia? An Atlanta-area school bus driver recently began texting while driving down Interstate 20. A local news channel reported on the dangerous incident. You can read the story and watch the actual video of the bus driver at this link:

Is this an isolated problem? No. Previously, ABC National News did an investigative story about bus drivers texting while driving. The ABC story discusses drivers of school and other passenger buses. The story contains video of multiple bus drivers texting while carrying passengers on our roads. You can watch the story below:

Over the years, I’ve represented a number of people with cases against bus companies. Some of these cases involve car accident injuries caused by a negligent bus driver. And, I’ve also represented a few bus drivers with workers’ compensation claims after being hurt on the job. Like every profession, you see great bus drivers who practice safe habits. You also see unsafe bus drivers who put lives in danger. Too often, the problem lies with a bus company that puts profits over people.

What should we do? If you see a professional driver endangering our children and others on the highway by texting, report it. If you are a parent, be vigilant about the people taking our children to and from school each day. How we protect our children is an essential issue in our community.


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