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Seven Mistakes Alabama Car Accident Victims Make (Slideshow)

Seven Mistakes Alabama Car Accident Victims Make (Slideshow)

Huntsville Car Accident Lawyers (Blackwell Law Firm)It’s Christmas season! This weekend, my teenage daughter and I went Christmas shopping. That’s an experience on so many levels. For one, she wanted to drive. She has a Learners’ Permit and is eager to use it. But, the weekend before Christmas is not the best time for a new driver in Huntsville. So, I drove. To curb her disappointment, I promised to take her driving after Christmas when traffic returns to normal.

I’ve written previously about holiday traffic. In a prior post, I asked and answered the question:  Do Car Accidents Increase During The Holiday Season?   A study by the University of Alabama reveals they do. Why? Christmas season brings a special mix of several traffic dangers all at the same time:

  1. Increased Traffic.
  2. Increased Distractions.
  3. Increased Time Demands.
  4. Increased Uncertainty.
  5. Increased Alcohol Consumption.

Christmas is a busy time. The last minute rush to buy gifts, attend work events, and see family, creates travel issues. With the added uncertainty of unfamiliar roads for some travelers and the many distractions of the holiday, Christmas plans can easily be ruined by a car accident.

Since I’ve already written about holiday accident data, I’ll give some practical car accident advice this week. I’m attaching a slideshow I created discussing seven mistakes people can make after a car accident injury. I hope it provides some useful advice. Here it is:


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