Researchers Continue To Raise Questions About Vaping And The Coronavirus

In May 2020, I wrote a post that asked: Does vaping increase the risk of coronavirus? In that post I discussed emerging research indicating vaping might actually worsen medical problems from Covid-19.

Scientists continue to explore connections between vaping and the coronavirus. Local television channel WZDX recently aired a report on this issue. I want to continue updating my initial post as new research is discussed:

Keep in mind, correlation does not mean causation. While vaping and coronavirus may be linked, the research is still ongoing. Additional research is needed to prove the links. Scientists are still researching the correlation between vaping and coronavirus to determine if vaping actually contributes to Covid-19.

Researchers currently suspect vaping may impact Covid-19 issues in several ways. These include two specific areas:

Increased Risk Of Contracting Coronavirus

When people vape, their lungs become inflamed. This inflammation can make them more susceptible to infections from viruses and bacteria.

Think about long-term smokers. Long-term smokers are much more susceptible to lung infections and viruses. Many people who quit smoking or vaping immediately notice they suffer fewer respiratory illnesses. Does vaping cause lung inflammation increasing the risk of contracting the coronavirus? Researchers continue to study this relationship.

I believe vaping does increase the medical risk of contracting Covid-19 from exposures. I also believe the risk of contracting Covid-19 goes beyond the pure medical risk created by inflamed lungs.

Vaping itself is a behavior which creates additional exposure risks. If you are actively vaping, it is difficult to wear a mask. And, vaping is an activity which involves touching the face and mouth causing increased risks of virus transmission.

Increased Risk Of Serious Coronavirus Injury

Researchers continue to study the reasons why some people contract coronavirus with little or no symptoms while other people suffer serious life-threatening illness. This is an issue which has made the virus difficult to defeat.

People who smoke or vape already have inflamed lungs. Damaged lungs and compromised immunity are conditions which may increase the impact of a coronavirus infection. Does vaping compromise the body to increase the risk of damage from the coronavirus?

The data shows a correlation between vaping and the coronavirus. More research is needed to determine how the two are linked and how vaping puts people at risk from Covid-19.

As our firm investigates potential JUUL injury claims, we will be closely following vaping research. We are looking at claims involving (1) lung injury OR (2) severe youth addiction. So, we will continue to discuss ongoing research into possible links between vaping and the coronavirus.


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