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Does Your Personal Injury Lawyer Have Experience With The Defense Law Firm?

Many lawyers advertise for personal injury and workers’ compensation cases. One group of Huntsville DUI lawyers recently put their names on billboards and began claiming specialties as varied as personal injury and elder law. Anyone can advertise. Any attorney can say they handle personal injury cases. While many lawyers advertise, few have real expertise in court.

It’s different with defense attorneys. Insurance companies hire good attorneys with trial skills. Insurance company lawyers regularly handle cases through trial and appeal. Does your injury attorney have similar skills? If you hire a billboard lawyer, you may get a lawyer who is quickly in over his head. And, you will suffer as a result.

A local advertising lawyer (who has a billboard) recently called me and started asking questions about distracted driving. A person hurt in a car accident had hired him. He did not know how to handle the case. While answering his questions, I kept thinking about the person hurt in the wreck. Was this person getting an attorney with experience handling these serious claims? No. This advertising lawyer marketed himself as a personal injury attorney but did not know how to handle a basic claim. And, this advertising lawyer had no intention of fighting for his client at trial if needed. He just wanted information needed to speak intelligently with the insurance adjuster.

A small handful of insurance companies cover most of the car accident and work-related injury claims in Alabama. These insurance companies typically use the same few law firms to defend claims. The billboard lawyer with no real trial experience does not know these lawyers. That’s a bad thing. Your lawyer needs to know the habits of these lawyers. Your lawyer needs to know the litigation strategy and playbook of these defense lawyers. While this information does not guarantee success, it is information that increases your chances of success at trial or settlement.

For example, one local insurance company lawyer who routinely defends car accident claims in Huntsville is very good at medical depositions and evidence. If you want to prepare your case for the best result at trial or settlement, you need a lawyer who will study the medical details and has the skills to take a good medical deposition.

Another local insurance company lawyer who specializes in defending workers’ compensation claims will always claim the injured worker intentionally broke safety rules. The defense is almost always ridiculous. But, if you know this defense lawyer’s habit, you can fully investigate and prepare this part of the case BEFORE filing suit. In every scenario, a skilled trial lawyer with experience preparing trials against insurance company lawyers is a great benefit to your case.

Do you have a personal injury claim? If you are serious about putting your claim in the best position for success, hire an experienced and skilled attorney. You need an attorney who focuses on studying this area of the law. You need an attorney who has real skills in handling personal injury claims through trial and appeal. You need an attorney who knows the practices and habits of the defense insurance companies and their lawyers.