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An Industry Built Upon Suffering

In a recent ProPublica article, author Michael Grabell marvels at the scene before him. He is attending a convention for workers’ compensation insurance insiders. The article, titled All of this Because Somebody Got Hurt at Workreveals an industry built on the suffering of others. According to Grabell:

For three days in November, hundreds of vendors wooed insurers and employers with lavish after-hours parties, giveaways of designer handbags, photos with Olympic gymnast Kerri Strug, and free rides in orange Hummer limousines.

While insurance insiders live lavishly, injured workers find it increasingly difficult to obtain basic benefits. In past articles, Grabell details the difficulties faced by families dealing with injuries and disabilities.

Workers’ compensation should be a simple system. Injured workers should receive basic medical care and benefits. The doctors who treat injured workers should be allowed to provide care without interference. Why do we allow an industry of insurance specialists to profit unjustly at the expense of our families and neighbors?

An entire industry profits by taking money from the injured workers who need it. Each day, our law firm deals with adjusters, case workers, case nurses and other insurance specialists, who seem to have only one purpose — delaying valid claims. When adjusters delay or deny claims of our clients, we prepare the cases for trial. We can only make a difference when we hold the industry accountable for important workers’ compensation benefits.