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How Settlement Mill Lawyers Harm Car Accident Victims:  Bad Deals On Medical Reimbursement / Subrogation

How Settlement Mill Lawyers Harm Car Accident Victims: Bad Deals On Medical Reimbursement / Subrogation

Alabama Accident & Injury LawyersIn a prior post, I discussed the secret arrangements where settlement mill lawyers funnel most of their clients to a favorite chiropractor who then runs-up the medical bills for settlement. The downside of this secret arrangement is that the injured person never receives proper care but is left paying the bulk of their settlement money to the lawyer and chiropractor. It’s a bad deal for the personal injury victim. It’s a shameful practice by settlement mill lawyers who neglect their clients.

What about injury victims who have health insurance or health coverage? Here’s a quick scenario. You suffered an injury in a car accident. After the wreck, you go to the local hospital and then follow-up with your doctors. You probably pay some co-pays. But, your health coverage pays many of the bills. If you have health coverage, you should use it to get the treatment you need. You then hire a lawyer to make a claim against the at-fault driver. Medical bills and personal injury claims can be a confusing topic. But, it’s a very important topic if you are facing a serious injury. If you would like more information about medical bills and personal injury cases, click the link below to my article discussing the topic.

The insurance company knows which lawyers go to court. Choose wisely. If you are seriously injured in a car accident, the choice of lawyer can make a huge difference in the insurance company’s offers to you. If you hire a settlement mill lawyer who is not willing to go to court, the insurance company is likely to pay less for your case. Why would the insurance company pay a fair settlement if the adjuster knows your lawyer will not go to court? Why would the insurance company pay a fair settlement if the adjuster knows your lawyer is simply advertising on billboards for volume cases that can be quickly settled? Why would the insurance company pay a fair settlement if the adjuster knows your lawyer is simply using a staff of non-lawyers to push claims through the system. But, getting a smaller settlement from the insurance company is not the only way you can lose with a settlement mill lawyer.

Remember, your health plan paid for your medical care. When you settle the claim, your health plan has certain rights to repayment. Those rights to repayment can be complicated. Medicare. Medicaid. Tricare. Blue Cross. Different medical payment providers have different rights. Your lawyer needs to know the rules and rights when dealing with each different type of medical payer. It can make a huge difference to your bottom line! If you are hiring an Alabama car accident attorney, you need someone who:

  1. Studies and understands the complicated legal rights and responsibilities for repayment owed different payment providers; and,
  2. Fights for his or clients to repay the lowest amount possible.

You absolutely want a good settlement from the insurance company. And, you want to keep as much of your settlement as possible! One of the biggest problems with settlement mill lawyers is that they will not work to reduce your repayment obligations. Many settlement mill lawyers simply want a quick settlement from which they can take their contingency fee. They do not worry about saving your money. That’s wrong. A good lawyer works tirelessly to obtain and keep the maximum compensation possible for his or her injured clients!

If you have questions about medical repayment or subrogation in personal injury cases, let us know. We closely study this ever-changing area of the law. In every one of our accident and injury cases, we work hard to help our client keep as much money as possible. Over the years, I’ve written many articles on the topic. I’ve published some of them on this blog. I’ve grouped a few of them by topic below in the hope you find the information you are seeking:

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Settling The Case And Signing The Paperwork

Remember, a good personal injury lawyer works with the goal of getting you the maximum recovery possible. Once a settlement is recovered, a good lawyer then works to help you keep as much as possible. When it comes to subrogation and reimbursement claims, that means understanding the law, detailing every expense to make sure your health plan is not claiming more than it is entitled, and advocating to reduce or eliminate any repayments. It’s a work-intensive process. But, it’s the way a personal injury case should be handled.


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