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Alabama Personal Injury? Waiting To See The Doctor Helps The Defense.

Alabama Personal Injury? Waiting To See The Doctor Helps The Defense.

I recently read an article titled, Don’t Create A Defense For The Insurance Company. It’s a really short article. The author says waiting to see the doctor following a serious accident gives the insurance company a defense. That’s very true. It does. Unfortunately, the author really does not explain the how or why. So, let’s discuss why waiting gives the insurance company a defense (actually it gives the insurance company several defenses).

Waiting To Seek Medical Care Gives The Insurance Company Defenses To Your Claim

It’s a very common scenario. A person suffers an Alabama car accident or work-related accident. They are hurting but optimistic. Maybe I just need a few days? Maybe it will get better with some Tylenol or rest? They wait. They hope. I’ve heard some version of these events so many times over the last two decades of helping accident victims. I totally understand. Most people hope they will get better without seeing a doctor. I don’t like medical appointments either!

Sometimes, the issue is not the doctor. Sometimes, it’s work. Many injured people fear losing their job. These fears are heightened in situations where the accident happened at work. Many people worry about making a workers’ compensation claim. Will my boss fire me? Will I keep my job if they know I’m hurt? I understand these questions. I know many people fear losing their job. I’ve handled Alabama work comp claims for many years. I counsel injured workers every week. I’ve tried these cases in counties across northern Alabama. While I understand the fear, I also know that waiting frequently makes things much, much worse. In almost every situation — If you wait following a serious accident, you are creating even more problems for yourself. I’ve seen the end result enough to know waiting can make it much worse!

So, let’s talk about several ways waiting too long for medical care following a serious accident and injury, can really cause more problems. Here are three ways:

The Insurance Adjuster Argues “You Must Not Be Hurt Too Badly!”

I’ve heard adjusters say this excuse so many times. According to some adjusters, “If you were really hurt, you would not have waited so long to see the doctor.” It’s a bogus argument by the adjuster. Most people understand we face so many hectic events with family and work that it is difficult to just run to the doctor. It’s not just our own hectic lives that make going to the doctor difficult, many doctor’s offices are so over-booked, you can expect to wait.

You still need to take steps to schedule a doctor appointment if hurt. You don’t need to sit and just hope for the best. While you may not like going to the doctor, medical care may be essential to your recovery. Why needlessly wait and risk your healing or recovery? Sometimes, a delay can make a simple injury turn into a chronic problem. Why needlessly wait and suffer additional pain for the delay? Why needlessly wait and allow the adjuster to make this argument – Just by sowing a seed of doubt, the adjuster could convince a juror in your case. That seed of doubt makes it more difficult to pursue or settle your claim for the full compensation you are owed.

The Insurance Adjuster Argues “Something Else Must Have Happened During The Long Delay!”

When you wait a long time to see the doctor, you are allowing the adjuster to speculate. For that matter, you are allowing the jurors to speculate if your claim goes to trial. First, the adjuster may argue you weren’t hurt badly in the accident. Next, the adjuster may question what happened during the delay for you to seek medical care so long after the accident. Why give the adjuster a chance to speculate about your level of pain, level of injury, or whether something else could have happened to cause your current problems.

The Treating Doctor May Not Relate Your Condition Back To The Accident!

To me, this is the biggest defense. At our firm, we prepare accident and injury cases. That’s all we do. We talk to the doctors. We take the doctors depositions to build your case. Our goal is to get you the maximum recovery possible. Our philosophy has always been — Better preparation leads to better settlements and better trials.

When you wait too long to see the doctor, you make it difficult for the doctor to attribute your injuries to the accident. Over the years, I’ve talked to so many doctors on this issue. You need to go to the doctor without delay, so your injury can be timely documented and potential treatment discussed. You don’t have to rush into some invasive treatment like surgery! But, you do need to document the accident and get good medical advice. When you wait too long, your doctor may not be able to support your claim.

If You Suffered A Serious Alabama Accident & Injury, Seek Skilled Medical Advice

If injured in an accident, what should you do? See the doctor. Talk to the doctor about your accident, injuries and treatment options. This is essential if you want to heal and recovery. It can also be essential if you want to pursue a personal injury claim.

In addition to seeing the doctor, don’t rush to make a deal with the adjuster. One local Huntsville attorney was well-known for appearing on television and advertising how he could get you a fast check for your wreck. That’s not in your interest. There’s a big problem with that! If you are hurt, that fast check won’t cover your full injuries. It’s far, far too low. Get medical treatment. Find out the extent of your injuries from the accident. If you can, wait to deal with the adjuster until you have been fully evaluated by the doctors. Then, let a skilled personal injury lawyer in Alabama prepare your claim for the maximum recovery.