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Successful Recovery For Construction Worker Injured In Scissors Lift Fall On Redstone Arsenal

A local construction worker fell when his extended scissor lift toppled. The worker suffered severe injuries. Following his injuries, we helped the injured worker navigate the difficult process to obtain good medical care in his workers’ compensation claim. When the workers’ compensation carrier refused to compensate him properly for his resulting disability, we went to trial. The verdict at trial in the workers’ compensation case found the worker disabled and provided approximately $500,000.00 in benefits. We then aggressively pursued additional claims against the general contractor responsible for safety on the construction site. When that defendant also refused to accept responsibility, we went to trial again. At the end of a week-long jury trial, the jury began considering compensatory and punitive damages far in excess of the workers’ compensation benefits. At one point during jury deliberations, the jury returned to the courtroom and asked the judge to re-read the jury instructions concerning the process for awarding punitive damages. At this point in the deliberations, the case settled for an additional confidential amount.