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Successful Recoveries For Disabled Workers Seeking Workers’ Compensation Benefits

The firm believes workers should be valued. Our workers’ compensation system is often unfair and unjust. Because of that, it is essential that workers suffering a work-related disability have aggressive representation to obtain the full benefits available to them. Unlike many firms, which focus solely on settling all workers’ compensation claims, we believe cases involving substantial disability must be prepared for trial. While most cases settle, we have successfully tried workers’ compensation cases seeking permanent and total disability benefits in many counties throughout Alabama. If you are looking for a workers’ compensation attorney, one of the questions you should ask is whether or not the attorney is willing to go to trial when needed. The following are a small sample of the more noteworthy cases of total disability we have won at trial:

Limestone County – Claim involving a truck driver who fell from his truck and suffered a shoulder injury. Following several surgeries, the worker developed Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome (also known as Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy). This condition results from a complex nerve injury. Patients can suffer life-altering and disabling pain. We engaged medical and vocational experts to discuss the injury and impact on our client. We successfully won the case at trial and obtained total disability benefits for our client.

Morgan County – Claim involving occupational asthma following a long-term exposure to mold in the workplace. We represented a City of Decatur police officer who developed severe breathing problems after working for years in the police evidence room. The case involved complex issues of air quality, long-term exposure to mold and pulmonary problems. We successfully won at trial, obtaining full benefits for a permanent and total disability.

Madison County – Claim involving a diagnosis of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (also known as Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy). This condition is a complex and little understood condition. It involves damage or injury to the central nervous system.

Madison County – Claim involving a lower back injury where the worker had a significant history of prior back problems. The case involved questions of pre-existing disability unique to Alabama workers’ compensation law. After winning at trial, we successfully defended the appeal.

Russell County – Claim involving brain injury due to oxygen deprivation from an industrial explosion. We worked closely with neuropsychologists trained in evaluating brain injuries. The case involved multiple experts at trial.

Morgan County – Claim involving contact dermatitis due to solvent exposure at an industrial site. The case involved experts in the field of environmental medicine.

Limestone County – Claim involving repetitive work activities in a local poultry plant which led to disability over the course of many years of employment. Alabama law imposes a different and difficult legal standard on claims seeking benefits from repetitive or cumulative injuries.

Madison County – Claim involving disability due to cumulative injuries. After winning the trial, we successfully defended an appeal.

Morgan County – Claim involving internal organ injury following a traumatic fall. After winning the workers’ compensation case at trial, we successfully sued the outside company which violated safety rules and caused the accident.

Madison County – Claim involving false allegations of drug intoxication. At trial, we were able to discredit the employer’s claimed positive drug test in order to obtain full benefits. After winning the trial, we successfully defended an appeal.

Madison County – Claim involving disability after a crush injury. The case was unique in that the insurance carrier presented false job offers following the injury in an effort to show the worker did not want to return to work. We proceeded to trial with evidence showing the job offers were fraudulent. The employer conceded a full judgment before we could present that evidence to the court. We then successfully sued the company which produced the false job offers for an additional recovery.

Madison County – Claim involving disability after a warehouse worker fell from a delivery truck. The case was unique in that the fall caused the worker to suffer traumatically induced Meniere’s disease. The disease left the warehouse worker with permanent dizziness, tinnitus, and vertigo. We successfully argued at trial that the symptoms made it unsafe for the worker to drive or attend work.

Morgan County – Claim involving a funeral home worker who suffered a bad back injury at work. The insurance company attempted to dispute the accident at trial. We successfully discredited the defense witnesses and proved the events causing the disability.

Limestone County – Claim seeking to re-open a case when a factory worker could no longer continue working with accommodations. We were successful at trial and on appeal in petitioning a court under a specific provision of Alabama law to re-open a claim and provide full disability benefits to an injured worker.

Madison County – Claim seeking disability for a security officer who fell and suffered a severe back injury at work. The case involved issues of subjective pain and the limitations it caused. We successfully obtained total disability benefits for the client at trial.

Madison County – Claim seeking disability for a hotel housekeeping employee with a severe back injury. Just days before trial, another hotel hired the severely injured worker. At trial, we successfully proved the new job was a fraudulent attempt to avoid paying disability benefits by creating a temporary position that would end after the case concluded.