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Successful Judgment and Recovery For Family Of Paramedic Killed In Interstate Collision

A speeding and reckless driver lost control of his truck and struck a paramedic working on the side of Interstate 65. The collision caused the wrongful death of the paramedic. A young family lost a wife and mother that day. Following the wrongful death, we investigated the collision. We pursued claims against the reckless driver and for available workers’ compensation benefits. We were able to recover all the available coverage from the at-fault driver. Because the available insurance proceeds were low, we also pursued claims against the insurance company for the ambulance company where the young paramedic worked. This insurance company denied coverage. We were able to obtain a judgment against that insurance company forcing it to provide additional policy benefits. Although limited by available coverage, we fought hard to make every possible insurance company pay so that we could recover $450,000.00 for the young child who lost her mother.