How do I Choose a Personal Injury Lawyer?

This is a very important question that can greatly impact your claim. Many attorneys advertise on billboards, radio and television. Yet, these advertising attorneys are rarely more than paper attorneys seeking the quickest settlement. If you need an attorney, you deserve better. And, the insurance companies know which attorneys will go to trial.

We have written a number of articles on the skills and experience needed for a plaintiff’s personal injury lawyer. You can read many of these articles on our law firm blog. In one article, we provided seven tips for choosing a personal injury lawyer. They are:

  1. What Are Your Needs? If you have a serious or significant case, you need a serious lawyer with real experience handling personal injury cases throughout the development, negotiation, trial, and even appeal, processes.
  2. Does The Lawyer Make Promises? Beware of advertising claims. Beware of lawyers who promise results. You need a serious lawyer who will work hard on your case.
  3. Have You Researched Attorney Options? Take your time to research local attorneys. Ask people you respect and trust for recommendations. Read the information and articles published by local attorneys.
  4. Is The Attorney Both Caring And Knowledgeable? You need a skilled personal injury attorney. You also need an attorney who will do his or her best to provide honest information.
  5. Who Will Work On Your Case? This is a common problem. You hired a specific attorney or law firm. Your case deserves personal attention throughout the process.
  6. Can You Trust The Attorney? Trust is essential to a good relationship.
  7. What Is The Attorney’s Track Record? Does the attorney have a real track record of success in the field of personal injury law?

We are happy to talk with people and answer questions. We want our clients to feel comfortable about our work. You should do your homework before hiring an attorney to handle your injury case.