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When Settlement Mill Lawyers IGNORE Their Files

Alabama Accident & Injury AttorneysI recently wrote a post titled How Settlement Mill Lawyers Harm Car Accident Victims:  You Hired A LAWYER But Did NOT Receive One. In that article I discussed a real problem with settlement mill law firms. At settlement mill law firms, all the work and attention is performed by staff members instead of lawyers. Injury victims think they are getting a lawyer but they are not.

After writing that article, I read a Florida case where this issue almost cost a client tremendously. What happened? A car accident victim hired a law firm. The firm gathered his medical records. The firm then sent a quick demand letter to the insurance company, State Farm. Because the injured client’s bills were substantial, the firm intended to demand the full policy limits of $100,000. Oops! Instead, the firm’s letter demanded only $10,000 to settle the case. Apparently, the lawyer never read the demand letter. In settlement mill law firms, a “legal assistant” or “case manager” often writes and communicates with the insurance company. Where is the lawyer? That’s a good question. Some settlement mill firms function like assembly lines handling a volume of cases. The work product is bad. If you are hurt, you deserve to have a lawyer working your case. When State Farm received the letter offering to accept $10,000 instead of $100,000, it quickly responded by accepting in writing.

What a potential disaster! What happened next? The parties had to litigate the issue through Florida’s courts. In the end, an appellate court in Florida saved the client by holding that no settlement contract existed because of the mistake. The injured person dodged a terrible result and salvaged his case. The law firm dodged a terrible result and a potential malpractice issue.

This is an all too common problem with settlement mill law firms. The lawyers in these firms do not read the investigation materials, do not study the medical records, and do not read their own case correspondence. They certainly do not prepare their files. In some settlement mill law firms, the lawyers do not even meet with the clients.

If you suffered an injury in an Alabama car accident, find a lawyer who will work personally on your case. You NEED to meet with a lawyer, not staff. Your story is essential. Your lawyer needs to understand it. Your medical treatment is essential. Your lawyer needs to help with it. Your case preparation is essential. Your lawyer needs to work the file. Your case should be worked and prepared.

Everyone makes mistakes. I’m sure the Florida lawyer feels terrible about this one. I’m sure he now feels relieved with the court’s decision. How often do settlement mill law firms cut corners and cost their clients? Cases are personal. Personal injury victims deserve a lawyer who will provide personal attention.


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