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Four Simple Reasons Why An Alabama Personal Injury Law Firm May Reject Your Car Accident Case

Alabama Accident & Injury AttorneysAnother driver crashed into you. You are hurt and need help. Maybe you tried to deal with the adjuster yourself but have become frustrated! Maybe the adjuster made promises but now won’t return your phone calls. Should you consult a car accident attorney? I’ve written about that issue previously. If your injuries are minor (nothing beyond the ER) and the other driver is clearly at-fault, you can often settle those claims without a lawyer and save yourself money. The billboard and television lawyers begging for you to call will never tell you that. But, then again, those lawyers leave many clients with nothing in the end. If your injuries are significant (more than just a visit to the emergency room) or liability is disputed, a good lawyer can often make a big difference.

I’ve written several articles on this blog providing tips to help you in choosing the right Alabama personal injury attorney for your case. I won’t rehash all of them in this post. If you want some tips, search my archives.

If you suffered serious injuries, a good car accident attorney may be able to significantly increase the value of your case. If you required treatment beyond the emergency room, missed time at work or suffered a lingering injury, you should definitely talk with a skilled attorney. By skilled, I mean a lawyer who regularly prepares these cases for trial — Not the attorneys you see on billboards or the attorneys who handle everything.

When you decide to consult with an attorney, here are four simple reasons why a top Alabama car accident firm may reject your case. That is, these are reasons why a good firm may reject your case even if you are injured. Good firms work hard. Good firms take their cases seriously. Good firms want to help their clients and make them better than when hired. At our firm, our goal is simple. We want to obtain the absolute maximum compensation for our injured clients. We want every client to know we worked as hard as possible for them. So, it is essential that we feel we can provide good work that brings real value to the client. With that in mind, what are four simple reasons why a good law firm may decide not to take your car accident case:

  1. You want to “get even” with the other driver. Wrong. It’s a car accident. The case is about your healing. First, you must get the medical care you need to heal. Second, you must recover the damages needed for the harm you suffered.
  2. You were rude or disrespectful to the law firm’s receptionist or staff. I know, some lawyers will put up with anything for the fee. But, good lawyers do not. If you have a serious case, you need a good lawyer. At our office, we value our people above everything else. Good firms don’t want to deal with rude clients. If the caller is rude on the phone, he or she will likely be rude throughout the case and then unhappy with any result in the end. Good lawyers spend their time helping clients who appreciate the hard and stressful work it takes to prepare cases.
  3. You waited too long to consult with the attorney. If you are going to file a lawsuit against a negligent driver for causing your accident in Alabama, you have two years to do so. Every state has statutes of limitations which govern how long you have to pursue specific claims. When you wait until close to this time period, it creates problems. Good lawyers want to investigate and prepare their cases before filing whenever possible. If you call a lawyer too close to the deadline, he or she may decline your case.
  4. You are not likely to finish the case with more money in your pocket. In Huntsville, one television lawyer routinely took small car accident cases knowing the fee and expenses would consume all the settlement proceeds. That’s wrong. That television lawyer never gave his clients truthful advice. At the end of the case, the lawyer and his hand-picked chiropractor took most of their money. A good lawyer wants to help his client, really help his client. A good lawyer puts his or her client first.

If you are looking for a car accident and injury attorney, research your options. Avoid attorneys on television who take a volume of cases for quick settlement. If you hire one of these lawyers, you will just be a number to them. Avoid attorneys who say they can handle everything. If you hire a lawyer who says he does real estate closings, divorces, criminal cases, Wills / Estates, and personal injury, you are getting a lawyer who is not an expert in any of those fields. A jack-of-all-trades is a master of NONE. Talk to people you trust and research your options. Finally, look for a lawyer who appreciates his team that works on your case. Your case is too important to trust the wrong lawyer.


From its office in Huntsville, the Blackwell Law Firm helps people with serious injuries across Alabama. If you have questions about a personal injury, let us know. All consultations are free and confidential. We are happy to answer your legal questions.